About Us

At It's Face-Time Spa, our focus is on you.

We aim to pamper you to an hour of relaxation, tranquility and rejuvenation. We offer you the finest facial treatments available - all designed to enhance, beautify and revivify the skin. Our premium and carefully chosen products, PCA (Physicians Care Alliance) and Neova, are both guaranteed to help you achieve maximum results.

Renew yourself to a positive self-image. Experience a change in the way you look and feel.

Get that confidence and make a difference!


Our Services:

The Face-Time Signature Facial...$89


The Vitamin C Facial...$89

Facials for Acne and Problem-Prone Skin...$89

The  Enzyme Mask Facial...$89

Facials Exclusively for MEN........$89

PCA Peel with Hydroquinone / Hydroquinone FREE...$99

Ultra Peel I Exfoliating Treatment...$99

Sensi Peel Exfoliating Treatment...$99

Oxygenating Trio...$89